“Many of our first, most cherished childhood memories originate from direct experiences in nature together with a parent or a grandparent. Adults are effectively children’s gatekeepers to nature. Children spending time in nature also makes them likely to protect the environment as adults”

This thought inspired me to start Heart & Soil in 2015. It started as a passion project for me planning activities for my son so he could spend time outdoors instead of being cooped up at home. I strongly believe that there is no better teacher than nature therefore as a natural progression, I soon decided to start a nature club so that other parents who want their children to discover the simple joys of being friends with nature could join in.

Now, with our premise of ‘Nature Inspired Living’ we look forward to inspiring & encouraging families to make simple changes in their homes and lifestyles resulting in a sustainable & eco-friendly living. Our web shop enables us to curate and present to you a range of eco-friendly & nature inspired products across categories helping you make a conscious buying decision.

Let us work together for a greener planet!

Best Regards, Nehal Shah (Founder- Heart & Soil)